We invite you to feel the special energy of one of the most spectacular areas of southern Peru: the Colca Valley. A place where the river meets the sky, the sun meets the moon, and the mind meets the body.

Located at 3,250 meters above sea level and 3 hours from the city of Arequipa, our hotel is nestled on the shores of the Colca River surrounded by hundreds of pre-Inca terraces declared “Cultural Heritage of the Nation”.

With a design inspired by the old collagua constructions, Colca Lodge has used mud, stone and straw to create a magical environment where the rooms blend with the gardens and these with the adjacent cultivated fields, without intervening boundaries, no walls, no barriers. The contact with nature is full but the comforts in this rural environment far from civilization are equally full, with the exception of the television whose moderate use is limited to the bar area and rest rooms.

It is precisely this authentic devotion to nature that has led us, since the beginning of our operations, to search for ways and systems that allow us to make our hotel operation a sustainable work that seeks to leave the least possible footprint in terms of pollution and use of resources. Thus, we have developed innovative systems for the use of geothermal energy to heat our environments through underfloor heating. Likewise, we also take advantage of this energy to complement the heating of the water used by the hotel, together with solar energy. Furthermore, we have built our own sewage treatment plant so that it is now used to irrigate our gardens. At the same time, we do our best to reduce polluting waste as much as possible, as well as the consumption of energy from non-renewable sources.

Currently we can affirm that we have an operation that is respectful of our environment and is constantly searching for new creative ways to minimize our impact while working for a sustainable operation over time.

We have been blessed with the presence of wonderful lithium-rich thermal baths that will not only make your stay a unique and unforgettable experience, but have also allowed us to develop a unique model of coexistence with nature based on the most authentic respect for it. Finally, Colca Lodge has the privilege of being located in a region that has an ancient culture that keeps many traditions and customs alive; part of a rich history that we invite you to discover.

We would love to have you as our guest, hoping that your stay will be unforgettable.

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